Zara Home Pendant Light

pendant light zara home

A lustrous pendant light is a stylish addition to any room. Simpler than a chandelier with its multiple outstretched arms, a pendant consists of a bulb hidden under a shade hanging from the end of a cord. The shades come in a wide array of sizes, colors and designs. Some wash broad areas with ambient light, while others focus beams on specific objects like a kitchen island prep zone or a family photo on the living room credenza. Depending on their size and material, these fixtures can cost from $25 to $500 or more.

A contemporary flushmount ceiling light, this fixture has a polished nickel frame and a white Belgian linen drum shade with black trim. Its minimalist design evokes vintage styles and makes it at home in contemporary or transitional decor.

The material of this Zara large ceiling lamp is very good, uses ceramic and polystyrene in the base, cotton and polyvinyl chloride in the cable, all this make the product more stable and durable. It is very easy to install, just plug in and use it.

To avoid visual clutter, hang pendants no closer than about 33 to 36 inches above a table. A fixture that hangs higher than 14 feet needs a dimmer switch because it can throw off too much light for a comfortable reading nook or intimate dining space. If your fixture is supported by a drywall ceiling and not joists, install a brace to support its weight. Otherwise, a chain/rod support is a safer option. Also, a heavier fixture may need a larger-diameter socket to carry its weight. Ensure the socket’s capacity matches the fixture’s label. If it doesn’t, you can overload the outlet and risk a fire.

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