Choosing a Wall Lamp With Swing Arm

wall lamp with swing arm

Previously relegated to hotel bedsides, swing arm wall mounts have moved into our homes where they serve as functional yet stylish accent pieces. The long swing arms on these versatile fixtures enable them to be hung at any height and can be positioned to point wherever you need it—whether that’s over a desk space, a reading nook or even as a directional light in a hallway or entryway.

There are a variety of styles available for this type of wall sconce, including those that feature elegant metal finishes like brushed nickel, bronze and satin nickel. There are also those with more transitional looks that can work well in either modern or traditional settings. There are also options with a glass lamp shade or those that are made from a soft fabric such as beige polyester.

Some of these lights ninelighting have a maximum reach that extends more than two feet, which makes them perfect for putting the light where you need it most. The Glenhaven fixture is a good example of this; it features a minimalist design with a rectangular wall plate, narrow shade and bronze accents that blend in with contemporary or classic settings alike. It can be fitted with a dimmable bulb and switch for mood lighting or for precarious projects where bright light can actually damage materials.

The Austrinus fixture is another example of a swing arm sconce with a dual arm that can be positioned in several positions. This wall mounted fixture is designed with a matte black finish that blends in nicely with contemporary or rustic designs, as well as those that are more classic in nature. It can be hardwired and, if fitted with a dimmable bulb and switched, it can provide a range of light levels to fit any mood or project.

If you want to go a step further in the style department, the Vanderpool fixture is one of our most popular choices. It’s a plug-in fixture that comes with all the necessary mounting hardware included, so it’s easy to install and use. It combines both a classic and modern design with a textured metal finish, molded details and decorative screw caps for a look that’s both stylish and timeless.

This double-armed sconce is a great choice to pair over your sofa for quality task lighting as you watch movies or read in bed. You can also use them next to your chair for a living room setting, over the dining room table to spotlight artwork and in a home office where they’ll help you focus on the tasks at hand. They’re especially helpful if you share a workspace with someone else as they offer the flexibility to be positioned where each person needs them most. This sconce is rated for indoor/outdoor use, so you can even mount it on a covered patio or outdoor porch. Just be sure to use an appropriate outdoor bulb. With a wide selection of swing arm sconces, you’ll find the perfect one to meet your needs at Bellacor.

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