Add a Touch of Finland to Your Decor With an Iittala Candlestick

iittala candlestick

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a friend, or you’re just browsing for some new ideas, there are a lot of different ways to add a touch of Finland to your home. One of the ways you can do this is by incorporating an Iittala candlestick into your decor. The style of the candlestick is designed with both contemporary and classic elements in mind, and it will fit in beautifully with your other furniture.


Having a Kastehelmi Iittala candle holder in your home is a good way to create a cool ambiance. It can be used independently or in conjunction with other decorative pieces from the Kastehelmi collection. Aside from the aesthetic value, it is also functional. With the proper use of candlelight, the Kastehelmi candle holder can spread a beautiful shine.

This candle holder is made from high-quality materials, and is also available in fun colours. The Kastehelmi series is one of Oiva Toikka’s most popular home glassware series. The company, which is based in Helsinki, Finland, has been making useful home accessories since 1881. The company is one of the largest design stores in the world.

The Iittala Kastehelmi Tealight Candleholder is a great gift idea, or a perfect compliment to your own tableware. The company has been making the best-quality glassware since 1881, and it’s one of the most respected names in the business. The company has a long history of being an innovator, and continues to offer modern Scandinavian housewares and decoration to their customers. With the help of Iittala, you can find a plethora of interesting housewares and decors, including the Kastehelmi tealight candle holder. Using the Iittala – aforementioned – Kastehelmi tealight holder will not only add to the overall sophistication of your home, but it’s sure to be a conversation piece.


Designed by Matti Klenell, the Nappula iittala candlestick is a modern Nordic design classic. Featuring a solid, round base, the Nappula is a functional item that’s also eye-catching. It’s also an excellent gift for someone who loves the finer things in life. Whether hung in a cluster or displayed individually, the Nappula candelabra makes a stylish addition to any home. The four candle holders are attached to an oval-shaped base that’s crafted from a powder-coated steel. This makes the Nappula iittala Candlestick the perfect centerpiece for any occasion.

The four candleholders feature an interesting design that combines the elegance of a shallow bowl with the utility of a standard taper candle. Their wax drips make for a great display. The four candles are also easy to clean, thanks to the cleverly concealed base. The Nappula iittala Candelabra in Dark Grey is the perfect choice for a contemporary or modern home.


iittala Festivo candle holder is a Finnish glass design that was introduced in 1966. It features a rough surface that looks like ice crystals. It is a popular piece of furniture that can elevate your home to a new level. It is available in various sizes. It has a stainless steel insert that allows you to place a taper candle inside. It is a very popular item that was designed in the Mid-Century Modern style.

iittala has been designing and making Festivo candle holders for over fifty years. The candle holder is crafted from a combination of sculptural forms and rough-surfaced glass. The metal candle cup makes the piece safer. The iittala candle holder is sold separately or as a set of two. The average selling price of a Festivo candle holder is $1,550. On the high end, a complete set can reach four figures.

The iittala candle holder has a four-ring style, which defines it. It was created by Finnish designer Timo Sarpaneva in 1966. He created the iittala Festivo candle stick in order to highlight the beauty of crystal. He was inspired by the Nordic winters. The candle holder was designed for personal use. It is not usually seen individually on the auction market.

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