Choosing Table Lamp Lampshades

table lamp lampshades

When it comes to adding a little extra design flair or switching up the style of your table lamp Aluredesign, a new lampshade is a quick and easy fix. Table lamp lampshades come in an array of shapes, sizes and colors to complement any table base or room decor style. There are a few important factors to consider when choosing the right lampshade, such as size and fitting type, but you can also let your design sensibilities guide you when picking out the ideal shade for a table lamp.

Typically, a lampshade should be proportional to the lamp base in terms of height and width. A shade that is too large will look awkward and lanky, while a shade that is too small will make the base seem too short or unbalanced. For this reason, it is a good idea to take your existing lamp with you when shopping for a replacement lampshade so you can get an accurate measurement of the height and width of the base.

When deciding on the shape of a table lamp shade, you can choose to go with a design that follows the curves of the base or opt for a more rectangular or oval shape. A drum-shaped lampshade will compliment a round base, while an empire or bell shade looks great with a more angular or square base. Alternatively, you can opt for a coolie lampshade that is heavily slanted on the top and sides of the shade to create a wider spread of light over a larger area near seating areas and tops of furniture.

Other important factors to consider when shopping for a table lamp shade include material, color and pattern. The shade material should seamlessly blend into the rest of the room’s décor, while coordinating with the color palette. There are a variety of fabric choices, from sleek cotton to luscious linen, to more luxurious silk and velvet. If you prefer a bolder look, there are a number of modern patterns to choose from, including geometric and pop art prints, and safari styles that feature zebra, leopard and alligator prints.

As for color, neutrals like gray continue to hold sway in many homes, but there is always the option of a vibrant hue if you’re feeling daring. Or, you can switch up the traditional look of a classic white or off-white lamp shade with a shade in a glossy black or even a metallic copper.

Lastly, when shopping for a table lamp shade, it’s essential to pay attention to the fitting type. While most shades have a spider fitting to attach onto the harp of a lamp, some come with clip-on fittings or even a slip uno fitting that enables the shade to just slip into the socket. The type of fitting will also determine what type of bulb the lamp is able to accept, so be sure to check this before making a purchase.

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