Floor Lamp 200 Watt

floor lamp 200 watt

Floor lamps stand tall in a room, usually higher than other types of lights and positioned to produce more ambient reflected light off the ceiling and walls of the space. They come in a wide range of styles and are well suited for a variety of purposes and uses, from providing general ambient lighting to acting as reading lamps for work or study.

They may have a single lamp head or multiple heads with different focuses and purposes. For example, some feature a magnifying lens built into the head to focus light and make it more easily usable for certain tasks such as sewing or reading. Pharmacy style lamps have a similar function and are typically positioned next to a chair or office desk. Some other styles have adjustable lamp heads, with the pole rising up and then arcing over to provide light when needed and fold out of the way when not in use.

Some lamps have a shade that is designed to reflect or diffuse light rather than direct it. For example, torchiere floor lamps resemble a torch and reflect most of the light upward toward the ceiling to produce a soft ambient light in the space below. Other lamps have a translucent shade that allows some of the light to pass through to illuminate surfaces below, such as tables or seating areas. This type of lamp is well suited for casual living spaces and often placed in the corner of rooms, where they can be out of the way while still adding a good amount of overall light to the space.

A good number of floor lamp styles will also feature a reading arm that specifically aims downwards to be useful as a reading light for work or leisure activities. This type of floor lamp is often placed in a corner where it can be out of the way, but it will also add a good amount of focused reading light to the space. They are also well suited for bedrooms, where they can be used to help with reading in bed.

There are also some floor lamps that offer full spectrum lighting, which aims to reproduce the light from the sun so it is more naturally reflected off surfaces and into the room. This can help to reduce glare, improve contrast and bring out the true colors of objects in the room. Many of these types of lamps will also be positioned to work well in offices, since they can be used for both ambient and focused reading or working activities. They can often be paired with wall light switches, so the lamps turn on and off with the same switch as other light fixtures in the room. They can also be placed on a separate circuit, making it easier to control the light level for specific purposes.

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